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Glad to have your drop by! My name is Carol Chua. As a Public Affairs consultant with the world's largest multinational petrochemical company, ExxonMobil, I was very well-paid. The hours were crazy though and the job was stressful. Commuting was a pain and I was always tired. But I believed I could handle anything because I was strong and healthy - or so I thought.

Picture of me & my husband

Then, a few days after my birthday in 2001, I discovered that I had breast cancer. CANCER! I couldn't believe it. Like many people, I had thought that cancer was something that only struck the elderly or those with unhealthy habits, or perhaps those who were genetically predisposed towards it.

I was young and known for my boundless energy. I had no vices. I didn't smoke or drink. I was careful with my diet, drinking water most of the time, eating meat sparingly and choosing healthier options like vegetables, fruit and soya products. Of course, I did indulge in culinary temptations from time to time, but generally, I had good nutritional habits.

Exercise is important, so I went on long walks during my lunch break, taking 30-45 minutes to complete each route. My colleagues thought I was crazy, as Singapore is a very hot and humid country.

I was pretty particular about my personal care products too, taking care to buy what I believed to be reputable brands. Many of these cosmetics, creams, lotions and other personal products did not come cheap, but I was a believer in using "quality" products. Expensive equates with quality, right ? How wrong I was.

So imagine my shock when I was diagnosed with cancer. Even my colleagues couldn't believe it. I was the last person on earth who should have contracted a terminal illness. How could it have happened ?

Well, in my panic and fear, I arranged to have surgery to remove the tumour within a few days after the diagnosis. In the month that followed, while I was on medical leave, my husband, Andrew, and I researched the subject of cancer. I was supposed to go on conventional medical treatments like radiotherapy soon after, so we were anxious to know more about breast cancer, the treatments available, their track records and any side-effects.

Our cancer research blew our minds. We discovered that :

  • Worldwide, the cancer statistics are getting worse every year. Particularly in industrialised countries. All our "progress" and knowledge has not prevented growing numbers from falling to cancer.
  • The cancer industry has a poor track record for curing cancer. All the knowledge accumulated by the medical profession, and all the billions of dollars spent on expensive technology and drugs, has failed to save numerous cancer sufferers. Relapses are common. Frequently, patients are pronounced "cured", only to die of other diseases like flu or fever, because their immune systems and healthy cells were devastated by conventional cancer treatments.
  • The way to beat cancer lies in knowing what causes it, and then dealing with the cause rather than just tackling the symptoms. If we don't do that, the cancer can always re-surface.
  • Progress has resulted in people today being exposed to hundreds of thousands of chemicals, many of them harmful or carcinogenic. At the beginning of the 20th Century, very few chemicals existed. Towards the end of the century, almost 80,000 chemicals were in circulation, with around 1,000 new ones being introduced into the market every year.

Think about it : there are chemicals everywhere, in our environment, our food and drink, and our personal and household care products. Pollutants, cleaning agents, aerosols, fragrances, pesticides, preservatives, colouring, artificial flavouring, make-up, toothpaste, mouthwashes, shampoos etc. We willingly expose ourselves to these toxins and then we dump them on defenceless wildlife, everytime we release these chemicals into the environment, such as by washing them down the drain. In recent years, sea turtles have been discovered to have cancer. That's never happened before !

Did you know that many well-known personal care products like cleansers and shampoos use the same carcinogenic ingredient as industrial cleaning products? If you only knew what you are exposing yourself and your loved ones to daily, you'd be horrified !

After extensive and intensive research, Andrew and I reached the conclusion that conventional medical treatments weren't going to heal me. We had to deal with the root cause of the cancer. We had to make major changes :

  • Nutrition (food together with powerful and effective health supplements). We avoid processed foods, choosing fresh, natural and untainted foods as far as possible. We go easy on meat, dairy products, sugar, salt and other foods associated with cancer. As an extra precaution, we're careful to wash away chemical residue from all fruit and vegetables. We do this by dipping them in water containing a safe cleanser made by Neways, which is designed to neutralise harmful chemicals. Neways has an uncompromising safety-conscious policy, endorsed by leading advocates of safe consumerism. This gives us tremendous assurance in the company and its products.

    Health supplements help build our immune systems and minimise and repair damage caused by free radicals and other invaders. Supplements may also aid detoxification and fighting cancer. Our bodies are bombarded with harmful elements every day, and most foods today have depleted nutrients, so supplementing helps. It is especially important for convalescents, those who are ill, pregnant women, the elderly, vegetarians, the physically active, and those who are nutritionally deficient..

  • Personal care products used. We modern humans apply an assortment of chemicals on and in our bodies every day in the form of skin, mouth, hair and other cleansers, conditioners, moisturisers, astringents, gels, dyes, scents, mouth washes, deodorants, cosmetics etc. The list is endless as well as frightening. Andrew and I threw away practically all of our old personal care products, even the very famous and expensive ones (for some examples, read Dr. Samuel Epstein's and David Steinman's "The Safe Shopper's Bible". A real eye-opener). Once you learn how to scan product labels for harmful ingredients, you'll do the same too! Know what you are putting IN and ON your body!

  • Household care products. Look at what we're exposing ourselves to everyday, both at home as well as in the office, shopping malls and elsewhere. Think of what you're breathing in and absorbing through your skin. Always use only safe household care products. Not only will they protect you and your loved ones, they're also kind to the environment.

  • Lifestyle and exercise. Yep, there's no escaping exercise. If, like me, you're not much of a sportsman, do something you can manage on a regular basis to keep your body fit, such as walking briskly for at least 30 minutes at a stretch. You'll have more energy, flood your blood and cells with life-giving oxygen, help keep your body in good working order, and de-stress at the same time. Getting out is fun anyway, so go discover!

    As for lifestyle habits you might want to re-look, I think you know what you need to do.

Instead of conventional treatments for cancer, I chose to make radical changes to my life (as above) and I also embarked on metabolic therapy to keep cancer at bay (more on this at my blog healingpastures.com). The metabolic protocol I followed utilised some potent Neways health supplements, amongst other things, to defeat the disease. Many other cancer fighters have done this program.

My tumor marker tests show that I'm in good health. All my organs are clear and my oncologist even says that I'm healthier that most people - including himself! My doctor can't understand why I'm in such good shape, as I'm not depending on the vast knowledge of the medical profession, billions of dollars of technology, and a never-ending line of "promising" drugs. All the same elements which have failed to prevent cancer and save growing legions of victims.

Do your own research and come to your own conclusions. You've only got one body, and it's under attack from Day 1. We are the product of our choices so, please, choose wisely.

Right after my husband and I did our own research, we started looking out for effective health supplements and safe personal and household care products. In particular, we were anxious to track down Neways products, as our research had pointed to Neways as a reliable source of safe products as well as potent and effective health supplements. "Unreasonable Risk" is the follow-up book to "The Safe Shopper's Bible" and a whole chapter is devoted to Neways in this book. The author of the book is Dr. Samuel Epstein, chairman of America's Cancer Prevention Coalition. Do get a copy of this book to find out why he approves of Neways (this guy rarely, if ever, endorses any manufacturer).

Andrew and I are satisfied Neways users today, particularly as we have since discovered that Neways membership comes with financial as well as health benefits, such as:

  • Great products at wholesale prices instead of retail.
  • Regular rebates on our purchases.
  • Regular bonuses from other members listed under our network.
  • Recurring, residual income (RRI). Recession doesn't scare us!

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Nowadays, I work from home and get all the rest I want. My time is my own and I can do whatever I wish, whenever I like. I thank God for leading me to Neways and showing me how to earn an income from the recession-proof health and wellness business, the largest and fastest-growing market in the world. And I do it all online, from the comfort of my home! Wouldn't you like to do the same?